Beckford Process

The Brief

In order to fully understand the brief of the exercise, we will meet and discuss in detail the needs of the client specific to the opening/vacancy that has arisen in their organization. This includes the history of the position, why it has evolved, its importance to the business and its criticality. To this effect we require our clients to assist us in filling out our comprehensive executive search assignment brief document.

The Research

Having established a clear brief the executive search commences. Typically a three week period is spent identifying and contacting potential biotechnology candidates for the position. We will then meet with prospects from our long list who best meet the brief criteria and develop a concise short list of candidates to deliver to our client. If agreed, we will obtain professional referees in order to provide a robust profile on shortlisted biotech candidates.

The Interview Process

Once the short list has been delivered to the client and a decision has been reached as to who has been selected for interview, we will endeavour to manage all aspects of the process up to the interview itself. This includes all interview arrangements, travel and accommodation requirements, candidate preparation for interview and post interview candidate debriefing.


Interview Outcomes

Once all interviews have taken place, we will then conduct a post interview debrief with the client to assess the outcomes. If there has been a successful process and a candidate has been selected, we will move on to the next step. If there has not been a successful outcome, we will have a re-evaluation session with our client to get clarity on the gaps and to agree on re-visiting the executive search.

Offer and Exercise Closure

Upon reaching a decision on a successful candidate, and provided the candidate is similarly aligned, we will handle all employment offer negotiation between the candidate and client. In effect we will act as the intermediary in all remuneration negotiations until an agreement has been reached between both parties. (Unless previously agreed that the client would handle this element of the process).

Follow Up

All candidate on-boarding activities will similarly be handled up to the date of commencement of employment. We also provide 1, 3 and 6 month checks with our client to ensure the newly appointed individual is making a successful transition. All our search assignments provide a 12 month guarantee period, whereby we will replace the candidate hired, in the unlikely event he/she would leave the organization within the first year.


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